Sunday 10 June 2012

One thousand companies network on motion!

The MMA is now the largest motion control networking group in Asia as MECHATROLINK becomes the de-facto motion network in Asian markets.

The Mechatrolink Members Association (MMA) announced that its membership topped 1,000 in March 2012, and continues to increase.

Recently, memberships from the four countries of China, Korea, Taiwan, and Japan have been increasing at a particularly fast rate. At this point—42% of all members are Japanese companies, 26% are Chinese companies, 20% are Korean companies, 6% are European companies, and 6% are American companies, for a current total of 1,015 companies.

The rapid spread of MECHATROLINK has been especially remarkable in China, where 260 companies have joined the MMA. The MMA is now the largest association in Asia promoting and supporting an open motion control network.

The MMA was established in October 2005 to promote the open motion network MECHATROLINK, with 124 original member companies. Since then, 900 companies joined the MMA in the first six and half years, with 115 more joining in the past year.

The MMA exhibited MECHATROLINK compliant products at SEMICON China 2012 in Shanghai for three days last March. As a result, 37 companies joined the MMA during this exhibition, which made the MMA an association of more than 1,000 member companies.

The 1,000th member is a CNC controller manufacturer in Beijing, and the MMA secretariat, Takeshi Tanaka, visited Beijing in May to welcome its 1000th member.

The MMA will further accelerate the promotion of MECHATROLINK, and cement its status as the de-facto motion network in Asian markets. With strong growth anticipated for the foreseeable future, the MMA expects to reach the next milestone of 2,000 members by the end of 2014.

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