Friday 1 June 2012

Is your equipment warm and dry?

Rittal enclosure heaters provide a high level of energy efficiency due to the incorporation of self-regulating positive temperature coefficient (PTC) technology. Developed using computational fluid dynamics (CFD), the heaters provide superior heating performance whilst maintaining the physical dimensions of previous models.

Fitting is by either snap-fastening onto 35mm support rails or direct screw-fixing onto the mounting plate and the quick and easy assembly is completed using clamp-type wiring terminals.
Precise temperature control is achieved simply by including a thermostat in the supply to the heater. Alternatively, where low air temperatures inside the enclosure are to be avoided to prevent the formation of condensation, control may be effected by connect-ing a hygrostat in the same manner. Both a thermo-stat and hygrostat can be integrated so that the heater is controlled on both temperature and relative humidity.

The operating temperature range of electrical equip-ment tends to have a lower limit as well as an upper one and therefore providing heating in either indoor or outdoor enclosures may be as crucial as supplying cooling, particularly in changeable climates.

With thermal outputs in the range of 10W to 800W, either a single Rittal enclosure heater, or multiples thereof, can maintain a warm and dry environment for electrical equipment, whatever the size of enclosure.

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