Thursday 31 May 2012

Miniature dust-proof detection switch

Unique and cost effective solution for electrical systems exposed to dry environments

Omron Electronic Components Europe unique new dust proof switch provides a very cost effective solution for the great many domestic and commercial electrical systems that don’t need a fully waterproof solution. Priced lower than typical fully sealed alternatives, the new Omron D2FD ultra-sub miniature dust proof detection switch is sealed to IP6x, and complements the fully sealed switches in Omron’s range such as the D2QW.

By using rubber packing, Omron has created a low cost switch that is very effectively protected against dust and other dry contaminants with a J-size case of 6.5 x 12.8 x 6mm. The switch is based on a single leaf moving spring design, and is available in a total of 12 versions, with solder or PCB terminals, pin plunger, hinge lever or simulated roller lever actuators, rated at 2A or 0.1A. The D2FD is protected against dust to IP6 standards but provides no protection against liquids.

For applications exposed to wet or damp environments, they offer a number of fully sealed solutions including the D2QW, that conforms to IP67 standards in the same J-size case. Featuring Omron’s high reliability slide contact technology, the D2QW-series offers a silent ON/OFF operation with an extra-long stroke even without levers. This large over travel allows the manufacturer of the application to use tooling with a wider tolerance to save costs.

Suitable for use at temperatures between -40°C and +85°C, the drip-proof structure make this the ideal switch to use in harsh environmental conditions, such as in automotive, industrial and machinery applications as well as energy, home appliance and building automation applications where exposure to moisture is experienced.

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