Thursday 24 May 2012

Bulk liquid terminals

The Syncade Logistics bulk liquid terminal application has been installed at the new Vopak fuel distribution terminal at Amsterdam Westpoort
Working in close collaboration with Vopak, Emerson Process Management has developed a software solution specifically for the management and optimisation of bulk liquid terminals. The new application is based on the Logistics module in Emerson’s Syncade™ platform, which provides intelligent links between IT and industrial automation technology. This software application has been deployed for the first time at the recently completed Vopak fuel distribution terminal at Amsterdam Westpoort (NL), where an efficiency improvement of up to 30 per cent has been achieved.

Vopak has almost 400 years of experience in storage and distribution and is the world leader in independent bulk liquid storage terminals. "For Vopak, the focus of this project was to investigate the possibility of improving service levels and increasing efficiency by deploying intelligent information technology for the management and control of our terminals," explained Ton van Dijk, Global Director ICT at Vopak. "In addition, we wanted to make improvements in other areas such as safety, speed and asset optimisation."

"We developed this new software application to meet the requirements of Vopak and have now made it available to other terminal companies," said Guido Wink, Emerson Process Management General Manager - Sales and Marketing for the Netherlands. "Vopak provided the terminal technology and logistics know-how, and we have converted this into a specific application for managing bulk liquid terminals."

The bulk liquid terminal application has been developed to support the expanding terminal market. The new application within Syncade Logistics comprises advanced planning and integrated stock management tools, order handling and auto-routing. The software is aligned with the liquids handling application within Emerson’s DeltaV™ digital automation system. Through links to Emerson’s DeltaV process automation system and to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, Syncade Logistics provides savings at the administrative level.

"Using our own performance indicators, we have been able to compare the performance of the Amsterdam Westpoort terminal using the Syncade Logistics application with our other terminals," explained Ton van Dijk. "Because this was a prototype installation of Syncade Logistics, the initial handling of orders was not flawless, but the results show faster order handling and an efficiency improvement of up to 30 per cent. We also believe that safety has improved, although we will require a longer period to substantiate this. With Syncade Logistics we were able to process larger than expected order flows in a highly efficient manner. This indicated an increase in the processing capacity and speed of the new application. We are currently expanding our storage and processing capacity by constructing new facilities in other parts of the world. Emerson’s Syncade Logistics application will be used at these new facilities."

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