Wednesday 9 May 2012

New process weighing website

Features case studies, downloadable certificates and manuals, and G4 software updates

Vishay Precision Group has announced that its VPG Process Weighing product group has unveiled a new website for users of BLH and Nobel Weighing Systems equipment and applications. The new website features case studies, downloadable certificates, and downloadable manuals for both new and existing / established software versions. The newest addition to this software library is an updated version of the G4 Force Measurement standard software, which upgrades the G4 family of multichannel weight/force indicators to communicate via Ethernet/IP open communications protocol.

The new website boasts a collection of case studies that provide many real-world examples of the broad range of applications and systems built on BLH and Nobel products, both standard and highly customized, and the exceptional engineering resources brought to each installation. Case studies are available in German and English, with Chinese versions coming soon. New case studies will be added regularly.

Another new feature is the ability to download certificates and manuals for application instrument software (G4, TAD3), as well as other software types. Updated application software pages offer direct downloads of their respective manuals in the most recent version and offer access to manuals for older versions, as well.

The most recent software update accessible through the new website enables the G4 family of instruments to communicate with other industrial control systems and their components via the Ethernet/IP open communications protocol. This capability was previously available only in the G4 Weighing Standard software.

The new Ethernet/IP capability for Force Measurement Standard software enables users to access instrument configuration, maintenance, system information, and other functions in the same way as with the Weighing Standard program. The Ethernet/IP capability is available on devices running the latest version of the Standard software, including all Application Software versions building on it. With this addition, the full G4 software family for both application types gains a key communication feature for remote access and control.

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