Tuesday 8 May 2012

Range expanded to meet demand for wireless!

Mantracourt has announced that it has expanded its production capabilities in order to address the growing demand for its range of instrumentation products.

Strain gauge amplifier
In response to a strong business performance during 2011, Mantracourt has invested in new surface mount pick and place equipment for its production line, as well as new component storage equipment and the addition of five new members to their production team.

Mantracourt is a leading manufacturer of industrial measurement technologies and a world leader in the design and manufacture of electronics for measurement technologies, including strain gauge, temperature, resistance, pressure, voltage, current, potentiometer, rate, flow, LVDT and displacement in either analogue, digital or wireless form.

"Last year was a very good year for Mantracourt," said Kelly Voysey, Sales and Marketing Manager at Mantracourt. "Our T24 wireless range of instrumentation products is being adopted worldwide and has helped boost our exports and overall sales figures. We also saw growth across the rest of our range, with established products such as our load cell amplifier and load cell indicator still performing well in the marketplace."

The Mantracourt T24 wireless telemetry range is a flexible low power radio system designed to enable the transmission of high accuracy measurement data from load cells, inclinometers, accelerometers, temperature, displacement and pressure sensors. With a combination of transmitter and receiver technologies, engineers are able to remotely monitor instrumentation readings.

"Looking ahead, we are planning further investment in our production capability, We are also planning to add more products to the T24 wireless range and to increase the number of global partners that we use to promote, distribute and support our products worldwide.”

Mantracourt’s new SMT production equipment is DEK 'Horizon 03ix' solder screen printer. A feature of this machine is an optical inspection technology that ensures the quality of the PCB build as well as increased throughput of the surface mount pick and place line. A new dry storage cabinet with its ability to control humidity, prevents the risk of moisture damage to sensitive semi conductive components which improves long term reliability of the product.

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