Thursday 10 May 2012

Consistent HMI from compact to complex

Beijer Electronics has several new operator panel models in three integrated families, completing their offering of panels for every application in terms of performance and display size. From basic to complex applications, customers can now choose a consistent panel design and easily scale HMI projects between them. The new operator panels are optimized for the upgraded HMI software iX 2.0.

Hardware and software made for each other
Designed and built with aluminum housing, IP-rated sealing and quality components, Beijer Electronics’ new operator panels are robust and ensure reliable operation based on the iX software. All models come with a comprehensive list of drivers, enabling connectivity to most equipment from all major vendors.

Performance levels to suit any needs
Beijer Electronics’ new HMI solution comes in display sizes from four to 21 inches, built on three different CPUs to offer a competitive solution for every type of application. The smaller TxA models run on an ARM9 CPU and offer a highly cost-efficient solution with solid HMI functionality for small and medium-sized applications. The mid-range TxB models, running on the powerful Intel® Atom CPU, deliver high performance suitable for medium to large HMI applications, requiring handling of more data and utilizing more functionality. With the TxC series, built on the Intel® iCore CPU, Beijer Electronics takes HMI to the industrial PC level, delivering a wide range of connectivity options and high performance for larger projects. All models feature high-resolution displays, several in wide screen format and the largest model, the 21-inch TxC, even supports full HD.

The fastest way from idea to application
Beijer Electronics’ new generation HMI software, iX 2.0, and new families of operator panels constitute the company’s market-driven concept HMI at the speed of thought, which focuses on minimizing the distance between the HMI idea and the fully deployable, intuitive, application. The development software has a familiar Windows® based environment and offers refined engineering tools and improved ribbon menu, all of which ensure substantial time gains for project developers.

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