Tuesday 8 May 2012

Cybersecurity - the road ahead

Discerning the impact of cyber threats in the next-generation enterprises

Post 2010, after the infamous Stuxnet attack in Iran, cyber threats have gained considerable attention from all sections of the industry, from automation and device vendors at the plant-floor to management personnel in boardrooms.

The need for implementing security initiatives is increasingly becoming a regulatory compulsion. A practical projection of current trends indicate that regulations and standards governing cyber security is likely to surge in future, reflecting the urgency and opportunity for automation vendors to invest in this emerging market space.

Frost and Sullivan are hosting a free on-line analyst briefing on the topic on 16th May 2012. Presenter, Senior Research Analyst Karthik Sundaram, comments "The growing risk of cyber threats has transformed the discipline of cyber security into an indispensable part of corporate strategy in the factory of the future,” 

This briefing will try to understand and analyse:
• History of cyber threats; 
• Significance to automation vendors; 
• Evaluate contemporary security initiatives; 
• Articulate strategic recommendations.
It will provide automation vendors with an insight into some of the popular industrial perceptions towards cyber security, offering viable recommendations for security initiatives in future enterprises.

To register click here: Analyst Briefing: Cyber Security: The Road Ahead!

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