Friday 4 May 2012

New HMI takes engineers from idea to result faster

Human machine interface technology take a giant leap forward with the launch of Beijer Electronics’ new iX 2.0 HMI software and new generation operator panels. Summed up in the market-driven concept HMI at the speed of thought, the iX HMI solution both speeds up project development and makes the application faster and more efficient to navigate.

The fastest way from idea to application
The iX 2.0 development software minimizes the distance between the HMI idea and the fully deployable, intuitive, application. Smarter engineering tools and an improved ribbon menu set in a familiar Windows® based environment ensure substantial time gains for project developers.

User-friendly and efficient operation
An industrial HMI has never been more intuitive than the new iX HMI solution from Beijer Electronics. Implementing navigation tools used in everyday applications such as mobile devices, iX 2.0 creates new ways to interact with machines using scroll and swipe gestures. Software features such as the unique “Action menu”, which enable a multi-level menu system and fast execution of actions, and the well-known “Roller panel” both help put the most relevant information right where the operator needs it, saving screen space and enabling manual-free operation in the process. With more intuitive applications that help operators make the right decisions, operation becomes safer and productivity increases.

New ways to personalise
Companies are looking for new ways to increase business value and strengthen their brands. Beijer Electronics meets this growing market trend with the launch of the HMI software iX 2.0, offering many ways to personalize the application – even including customizing the system dialogs. A visual expression in line with the machine and company brand help machine builders and others sharpen their competitive edge. The iX software offers full HMI functionality and is ready to use as it is, but also offers the possibility to add, e.g., .NET components and create customized functionality through C# scripting since the software is based on the Microsoft® .NET Framework.

Easy distribution of information
Beijer Electronics’ operator panels can share information with each other via panel networks, regardless of size or performance, which makes it easy to share information between users and provides safer control of complex machines also over long distances. The panels can act as OPC UA server and client, enabling distribution of information between the factory floor and business or planning system, and the built-in report generator turns figures into Excel reports for saving or printing directly. As web servers, Beijer Electronics’ panels enable engineers to freely create web pages which operators and supervisors will be able to log in to from, e.g., mobile devices, thus facilitating more efficient operations.

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