Wednesday 2 May 2012

Outdoor enclosures

To overcome the problems associated with the need to design, source and build outdoor enclosures to order, Rittal has a range of CS basic aluminium enclosures available from stock and ready for immediate use.

Specifically designed to house sophisticated communica-tions and electronics equipment in outdoor environments and to protect the internal components against outdoor influences such as temperature variations and penetra-ting rain. Rittal CS enclosures are ideal to use in applications such as telecommunications, traffic guidan-ce and signalling through to gas, water and the electricity supply industry where the installed equipment is either passive or has minimal heat loss.

Available in a range of standard sizes with either single or double doors, all Rittal’s CS enclosures are of a solid construction with an open base suitable for immediate mounting on a standard plinth, including an integral rain canopy and inbuilt ventilation. Internal mounting, based on accessories from Rittal’s market leading TS 8 range, allows an extensive range of configurations to be quickly and simply achieved for the perfect solution.

Rated to IP55 when equipped with optional gland plates, Rittal’s CS outdoor enclosures include a 3-point high security locking system, internal hinges and include concealed eyebolts for crane transportation of a fully fitted unit.

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