Tuesday 22 May 2012

Earthing clamp approved!

Self-testing grounding clamp receives IECEX approval

The Bond-Rite Intrinsically Safe Self-Testing Static Grounding Clamp from Newson Gale is designed for verifying safe low-resistance static grounding and bonding conditions in many operations involving flammable liquid vapour, gas and combustible dust handling environments. The original model was launched in 2001 and there are now over 10,000 units in use in the worldwide chemical processing industries. The unit is commonly used for hazardous area static earth/grounding and bonding applications where there is a need for positive confirmation during drumming, filling, mixing and other transfer and handling operations involving solvents and/or combustible powdered materials. A pulsing green LED indicator provides the user with reassurance when a low-resistance bond to earth/ground has been established even in the presence of insulating coatings, oxidisation, corrosion or excessive contact resistance, as well as continuously monitoring the condition of the bonding cable.

While retaining the original innovative patented design features, the Bond-Rite Clamp has recently achieved upgraded hazardous area certification to the latest applicable sections of IEC 60079, enabling it to be used in global markets where the IECEX scheme is recognized, in addition to its existing approvals according to ATEX (European) and NEC (North American) hazardous area standards. As part of the updated certification, the unit has now been tested and approved for a wider ambient temperature range from – 40 deg C to + 60 deg C. This enhanced rating, coupled with its IP65 and NEMA4X ingress and environmental protection increases the range of applications where the Bond-Rite clamp may be put into use, both indoors and outdoors, while the long-life lithium battery power source means that installation is simple and cost effective, requiring no mains/line voltage power supply.

The Bond-Rite Clamp is suitable for use in all IEC/ATEX Gas and Dust Zones (0, 1, 2 and 20, 21, 22) as well as NEC Hazardous Location Classes I, II, III and Divisions 1 and 2. The standard unit is supplied complete with 5 metre/16ft retractable (coiled) hytrel static-dissipative cable, earth/ground connection junction box and stowage point for the clamp, and models are available where the clamp is fitted to alternative cable lengths or self-rewind cable reels. Another popular option is the Bond-Rite EZ which is a totally portable bonding and verification system for use in temporary or mobile applications, or wherever there is a requirement to continuously monitor an equipotential bond between two conductive items or earth/ground.

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