Thursday 17 May 2012

Delivering cryogenic liquids certifiably

Custody transfer solution includes the Coriolis transmitter and MID-approved printer with the option of a flow computer
Micro Motion® Coriolis flowmeters now have additional MID certification for custody transfer. The certification covers the F100 model from the F-Series product range, for truck deliveries of cryogenic liquids, such as argon, nitrogen and oxygen. This new certificate from NMi (Nederlands Meet Instituut) adds to an already wide range of MID approvals for the measurement of liquids and gases under normal and cryogenic flow conditions.

Micro Motion Coriolis flowmeters already have European, Asian, Australian and U.S. approvals for cryogenic liquids in custody transfer applications. The flowmeters provide accurate and repeatable readings of mass flow, density, and temperature, making them ideal for critical measuring applications.

The additional certification means that Emerson can now offer cryogenic liquid re-sellers and distributors a compact, reliable and accurate solution for their delivery trucks that meets the MID requirements for direct mass flow measurement in custody transfer deliveries. The complete Micro Motion solution includes the Coriolis transmitter and MID-approved printer, with the option of a flow computer.

In detail, the certification covers the Micro Motion F100 Coriolis Flowmeter and ATEX and IECEx IIC approval, for use with cryogenic liquids with flow rates between 3.5 - 450 kg/min, densities between 700 and 1500 Kg/m3, and temperatures down to -200°C. The ambient temperature range is from -40 to +55°C. These Micro Motion Coriolis flowmeters meet the requirements of the MID guidelines; environmental class M3/E3 and accuracy class 2.5, which specify an accuracy of 1.5% for the meter and 2.5% for the complete measuring system.

All European Union countries, plus Norway and Switzerland, have committed themselves to standardise all custody transfer applications using one set of rules and guidelines. This will allow easier and smoother transfer of liquids and gases between EU member countries. By 30th October 2016, all countries are required to have the applications to comply with these rules as stated in the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) 2004/22/EC. Cryogenic liquids also fall under these regulations.

"Emerson Process Management offers a wide range of MID approved products and MID consultancy services," said Stephane Tritz, Vice President Flow Europe. "By providing MID certificates with products for single usage or to be integrated into a system, customers can focus their attention on their system design."

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