Thursday 17 May 2012

The safe installation solution for cable ducts

 G10 Safety - less is more

AS-Interface is the world’s most widely-used interface concept, which has simplified automation through quick connection technology via flat cables. The integration of safety on AS-i was a further important step towards an end-to-end solution which set new standards in terms of simplicity, clear overview and cost-efficiency.

Where other solutions require hardware, AS-i Safety impresses with reliable communication and intelligent-logic software. In installation technology, it is common to connect digital IOs via distributors or modules with several IO ports. In the case of safety solutions, superfluous parallel wiring or a parallel system environment often still predominate, which are rendered unnecessary with AS-i Safety.

Where safe components need to be implemented in PLe in a decentralized manner, either the AS-i interface can be integrated in the safe end device, or a complete, two-channel AS-i module can be used for connection. Many different AS-i integrated devices, or sufficient space in which to install the modules are necessary as a result. Pepperl+Fuchs convincingly puts an end to this dilemma with the world’s smallest G10 safety module featuring IP68/69k protection.

Any safety switch with dry contacts can be connected to this ultra-compact module in a modular fashion. Whereas the flat cable previously had to be fed out of the cable duct, direct installation within the cable duct is possible thanks to the unit’s low height of <23 mm. All that can be seen from outside is the round cable outlet to the safe end device. The one-piece housing enables flat cables to simply be fed through, contacted via round, gold-plated pins, while being tightly sealed at the same time, by means of a single screw.

The G10 safety module does not even require screw-mounting because it is so small and lightweight. It’s brilliantly simple and the smaller size and weight ensure a new level of extra functionality.

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