Tuesday 26 June 2012

High performance oxygen analyser for demanding applications

Michell Instruments has a new compact oxygen analyser for applications in hazardous and safe areas within the process, power generation and marine industries. The XTP601 provides extremely reliable, stable and accurate oxygen analysis, combining high levels of performance with a low total cost of ownership. Applications include oxygen measurement at the inlet of compressors in the steel or gas industries to monitor safety, or monitoring inert blanketing gases in oil tankers, chemical and pharmaceutical plants.

The XTP601 uses thermo-paramagnetic sensor technology to provide extremely stable percentage measurement of oxygen in process gases including hydrogen, nitrogen or air. The device can be configured to measure 0-1%, up to 0-50%, 80-100% and 90-100% ranges to meet the specific needs of customers and includes barometric pressure compensation which ensures that variations in oxygen, due to changes in atmospheric pressure, are corrected. This helps to provide extremely accurate measurements, for example it is accurate to ±0.02% O2 for a 0-1% range.

The instrument provides two isolated 4-20mA outputs and is available with a general purpose enclosure for non-hazardous areas or an EExd explosion-proof enclosure, which allows installation at the point of measurement. The XTP601 is certified for use within ATEX Zone 1 hazardous areas and also has IECEx and cCSAus (pending) hazardous area certification. An integrated touch-screen display enables configuration, calibration or adjustment without the need to open the device, removing the need for a hot works permit.

Its innovative sensor design largely eliminates thermistor drift, dramatically improving the measurement stability of the device. The sensor has no moving parts, minimising maintenance and making it ideal for applications that would subject the device to movement or vibrations. The sensor does not require routine replacement and the unique cell design channels measured gases, providing increased protection against contamination. These features increase the period between calibration and reduces both labour and consumable costs, contributing to an extremely low total cost of ownership.

• Michell Instruments are represented in Ireland by Instrument Technology!

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