Friday 8 June 2012

Stainless steel Coriolis Transmitter

Micro Motion 1700/2700 transmitters now offered in 316L stainless steel housing for harsh environments

Emerson Process Management has expanded the range of its Micro Motion® Model 1700 and 2700 field and integral mount transmitters with the introduction of a 316L stainless steel housing. This new housing material is suitable for applications in hazardous areas and provides increased durability for extreme environments such as offshore applications.

Stainless steel housings are becoming the material of choice for the oil and gas industry due to the corrosive environments in offshore applications where high humidity and salinity can damage instruments over time.

These transmitters are available for field or integral mounting and are compatible with a wide range Micro Motion Coriolis flowmeters including ELITE®, F-Series, H-Series, and T-Series sensors. The transmitters feature the latest generation MVD™ (multivariable digital) processing technology, which provides enhanced accuracy, stability and versatility in a variety of tough applications including the presence of entrained gas, high noise and high turndown.

The transmitters in 316L stainless steel have been approved by CSA, ATEX, NEPSI, IECEx and INMETRO. Micro Motion 1700 and 2700 transmitters are approved for custody transfer, certified for SIL2 and SIL3, and can be installed in Class I, Division 1 or Zone 1 hazardous areas.

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