Friday 1 June 2012

Digital panel meters

The new Junior JR/JR20-P series digital panel meters is now available from sensing & instrumentation specialists Vydas International Marketing. Manufactured by Ditel (ES) the instrument is one of the KOSMOS series of digital panel meters and carries a three year warranty.

The JR/JR20-P has the benefit of programmable multiple inputs and is designed for measuring PROCESS (±10V, ±200V and ±20mA), TEMPERATURE (Pt100, Pt1000, TC J, K, T and N), POTENTIOMETER (100 Ohm to 100 KOhm) and RESISTANCE (999.9 Ohm 9999 Ohm and 50.00 KOhm).

JR-P and JR20-P models are easy to scale into desired engineering units, directly by front panel keys or real input signal value in teach mode. A universal power supply is also a feature offering aux supply from 12V to 230V AC/DC voltage supply.

Fully configurable, they allow signal input type selection and also provide a 24V DC @ 30mA output for sensor excitation. The JR-P is a 4 digit indicator with 14mm digit and -9999 to 9999 display range and the JR20-P has a 4 digit indicator with 20mm digit and -1999 to 9999 display range.

Both model allow configurable decimal point by three front panel keys and has 2 led for set points status indication (if output 2RE option card is installed).

Detection, saving, later recalling and resetting of maximum and minimum values reached by the input signal since last reset activation. Reset function sets automatically memorized value to current input signal value when maximum or minimum value are displayed. Maximum and minimum values recalling to display and reset functions are directly available through frontal keys.

The instrument is capable of measuring 3-wire Pt100 and 2-wire Pt1000 (IEC 60751) and Thermocouple (IEC 60584-1), 3-wire Potentiometer, 2-wire Resistance and Process input signals.

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