Tuesday 12 June 2012

Widescreen HMI

GeCma components GmbH, the HMI division of MTL Instruments now has a 22” wide screen option for its  Challenger range of remote HMI data terminals. GeCma is the recognized market leader for visualisation systems in hazardous areas as can be seen from its installed base of over 15000 units worldwide.

Being based upon the range of HMI’s of the same name, this unit offers the same advantages which make the Challenger range the market leader it is today. Features such as IS (Intrinsically Safe) data transmission between the safe area and the hazardous area and IS construction of the components based within the hazardous area allow the user to maintain, move and modify the unit with their process running, thus negating the need for costly shutdown of the production line when the need arises to disconnect the HMI. Customers can also count on GeCma’s usual high standard of construction and durable finish with an IP rating of IP66 that allows GeCma HMI’s to still be functioning in hazardous areas after more than 10 years of use. The new display provides the user with a true 22“ colour display running at a resolution of 1680 x 1050 pixels and an aspect ratio of 16:10. The display will also be available with a resistive touch screen option making it ideal for environments where protective clothing and gloves are a necessity.

GeCma will also be offering the Challenger 22i as an upgrade package which will allow current GeCma users to upgrade their existing screen and housing whilst keeping their existing supporting infrastructure in place; therefore offering a very cost effective route to widescreen visualisation. The upgrade kit is also targeted at users who are migrating to a new Process Control System that requires a higher resolution and demands a bigger (wide) screen to display more information without the need to replace their existing visualisation solution in the field.

The new display is backwardly compatible with other models in the range, there being only the need to replace the display and housing in order to upgrade to the new screen. This operation is completely plug and play with no re-termination of cabling required and does not affect the certification of the system.

GeCma also offers a wide variety of special, customised housings tailored to applications in hazardous areas where space is limited or various control elements must be integrated into the visualization solution, thus requiring a completely customer-led bespoke solution.

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