Thursday 2 June 2011

Eliminating external switches

New Anybus CompactCom Modbus TCP 2-port module eliminates external switches

The new 2-port version of Anybus CompactCom for Modbus TCP is not only a fast and easy way for industrial device manufacturers to achieve connectivity to Modbus TCP. It is also a way to reduce the need for expensive external switches and cut down on factory wiring since the module comes with a built-in switch of its own.

With this new member of the Anybus CompactCom family, HMS strengthens its embedded offering for Modbus TCP – one of the major industrial Ethernet networks on the market with a large installed base. Many manufacturers of machines, robots, drives etc. have already equipped their devices with the single-port version of the communication module providing them with instant connectivity to Modbus TCP (and the possibility to connect to 19 other industrial networks by simply switching Anybus module).

Built-in switch saves money and facilitates network design
The new 2-port Modbus TCP module includes an integrated switch that makes it possible to build networks in normal fieldbus style (daisy chain) rather than connecting all devices through an external switch. This saves money since it reduces the need for expensive external switches. It also reduces wiring and makes network maintenance easier.

“There is great need for communication solutions with integrated switches on the Industrial Ethernet market today,” comments Leif Malmberg, HMS Product Line Manager, Embedded Solutions. “The market is definitely moving in this direction and we are certain that this technology will provide great value to device manufacturers and system integrators working with Modbus TCP.”

Technical highlights
The Anybus CompactCom module acts as a slave on the Modbus TCP network. It is available with and without housing and is about the size of a compact flash card. The core of the module is composed of HMS’s NP30 microprocessor with its integrated fast Ethernet controller along with RAM and Flash memories for the Modbus TCP device software stack.

Thanks to the integrated web functions (such as dynamic web pages, email and FTP) it is possible to get online statistics, notification emails and other information about the performance of the device. For example, it is possible to get an email whenever the machine is in need of service.
The onboard 2-port switch provides two 100 Mbit/s full duplex Ethernet interfaces with RJ45 connectors.

What is Anybus CompactCom?
Anybus is the world’s most widely used technology for industrial network connectivity. Anybus CompactCom is a range of embedded communication modules allowing communication with a specific industrial network. The modules are interchangeable which means that users can easily connect to any desired network. Anybus CompactCom works with all major fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet networks such as Profibus, DeviceNet, CC-Link, CANopen, Profinet, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT and Modbus TCP.

Anybus CompactCom modules are used as communication interfaces in intelligent automation devices such as drives, HMIs, robots, inverters, instruments, and scales. By embedding Anybus CompactCom into a device, manufacturers get quicker time to market, decreased development costs by as much as 70%, and also the possibility to easily connect to another industrial network by simply switching Anybus module.

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