Tuesday 28 June 2011

New digital-based DP level technology

The Rosemount® 3051S ERS™ System improves performance, simplifies installation and maintenance routines, and reduces costs on tall vessels and distillation towers.

Emerson Process Management has released the industry’s first digital DP Level architecture, the Rosemount 3051S Electronic Remote Sensor system. With over ten patents, the 3051S ERS System is a breakthrough technology that replaces mechanical impulse piping with two 3051S pressure sensors linked together electronically. Differential pressure is calculated in one of the two sensors and is transmitted using a standard two-wire 4-20 mA HART® signal.   

Ideal applications for the 3051S ERS System include tall vessels, distillation towers, and other installations that traditionally have required excessive lengths of impulse piping or capillary. When used in these types of applications, the 3051S ERS System can deliver improved performance, simplified installation and maintenance, and additional process insight and diagnostics. 

The 3051S ERS System replaces mechanical components with a digital architecture, resulting in faster response time and a more stable and repeatable measurement even in applications with wide varying temperatures.

Cold weather installations often require heat tracing or insulation and impulse lines need to be checked for leaks, condensation, evaporation, and plugging. The digital architecture of the 3051S ERS System eliminates these practices, resulting in cleaner installations with less maintenance and upkeep.

The 3051S ERS System is a MultiVariable™ solution that provides additional process information for optimised control. In addition to the DP calculation, the 3051S ERS provides real-time access to the readings from each pressure sensor and a scaled output for tank level or volume measurement. 

The Electronic Remote Sensor system is built on the scalable 3051S architecture and is part of a broader portfolio of Rosemount DP level and process level technologies that include Tuned-System™ Assemblies, radar, ultrasonic and switches. 

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