Tuesday 7 June 2011

Making control music in Italy!

ABB is presenting a wide range of products and systems including several new technologies at the POWERGEN Europe conference and exhibition in Milan (I) this week.

One of the highlights is the European launch of the Symphony™ Plus total plant automation system for the power generation and water sectors. This is the latest generation of ABB’s highly successful Symphony family of control systems, with more than 6,000 existing installations, representing one of the largest installed bases of distributed control systems (DCS) in the world.

Symphony Plus is a flexible and scalable platform, designed to serve a wide range of plant configurations and applications from small and server-less installations to large multi-system, multiserverarchitectures. It supports the seamless integration of field devices, process and turbine
automation systems, electrical and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) solutions as well as optimization and maintenance systems. Symphony Plus provides users with a secure, reliable control environment and built-in security features that prevent unauthorized system access.

Three of the many products in the Symphony Plus portfolio that ABB is presenting at the event are Machinery Condition Monitoring MCM800, Analyst™ and S+ Turbine. MCM800 provides a complete set of functions for the condition monitoring, protection and diagnosis of rotating machinery - in a single module. Analyst is a graphical diagnostic tool that presents historical data of rotating machinery in an intuitive way, enabling users to quickly recognize significant patterns and trends. When combined, the powerful MCM800 hardware and intelligent Analyst software reduces and even eliminates costly machine failures. S+Turbine is a solution for turbines of all types, sizes and manufacturing origin, comprising a series of fully integrated specialty modules for turbine protection, valve positioning, generator auto synchronization and condition monitoring. It offers unmatched flexibility, scalability, processing power and communication speed.

In the renewable energy space, ABB is showcasing its comprehensive portfolio of high-efficiency solutions for hydro and solar power plants. This encompasses turnkey solutions for photovoltaic and concentrated solar power (CSP) plants, including the innovative ‘linear fresnel’ technology from Novatec Solar, a company in which ABB recently acquired a significant stake.

ABB is also showcasing a suite of products and services for assuring the availability, reliability and security of critical infrastructure like power plants and energy management systems. This is part of the Industrial Defender portfolio, a company with whom ABB has a global strategic partnership.

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