Monday 13 June 2011

Smart home automation

Latest additions to home automation system on display

Carlo Gavazzi will be showing a new colour touch screen addition to the smart-house range at the forthcoming British Home Technology Event (28/30 June'11 London GB)  The new 7 inch panel features colour touch screen technology and is based on the windows CE 6.0 platform.

The touch screen displays can be positioned around the home and can be customised to suit each home owner’s requirements.  Every aspect of the smart-house system can be controlled from one or more screens.  Functions include one-touch lighting control with scene setting and heating management with individual room temperatures displayed allowing access to set points plus a multifunction time scheduler.  Access to the internet is also possible making this screen a very flexible addition to the smart-house range.

smart-house system

The Carlo Gavazzi smart-house home automation system provides a cost effective solution for automating any home, now and for the future. Wiring is simple, using the same two-wire bus that communicates between components to also supply the power. Popular features include lighting control to set scenes and activating lights by motion or light intensity. Blinds and curtains can open and close automatically at the end of each day and can also be included in lighting scenarios.  Heating can be controlled in individual rooms to save energy.

Dedicated detectors for smoke and intruders can be configured to make the house lights flash, sound an alarm and send a text message, water detectors can protect against flooding by shutting off the water supply to the house.  Automation can also be extended to the garden for path lighting, gate control, irrigation systems and pool covers. All aspects of the system can be controlled and viewed locally on wall mounted touch screens and high-end remote controls (Philips Pronto) or remotely by internet or mobile phone.

Aurora Home Automation Accessories

The Aurora range combines aesthetics with technology for home automation applications. Powered from the smart-house two-wire bus, they come in a 44mm square format, designed to fit directly into popular back plate designs.

This aesthetically pleasing range currently includes light switches, temperature controllers and infra-red detector.  All products are supplied with white or charcoal grey covers to provide high quality visually pleasing control for all home automation systems.

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