Thursday 23 June 2011

PLCs and PLC-based PACs: The market

With the manufacturing economy back on track with increasing spending in most regions of the world, the global Programmable Logic Controller & PLC-based Programmable Automation Controller market is expected to grow due to robust investments in manufacturing and infrastructure. So says a study by ARC Advisory Group.

Market Rebounds Strongly After Severe Downturn
This study provides an in-depth analysis of the worldwide Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and PLC-based Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) business.  In addition to market analysis and forecasts, the study also covers key strategic issues that both influence and drive the direction in the global market.

While investments in industrial automation slowed down during the global recession, this effect was only temporary, as there are crucial factors that will continue to drive the use of automation, fueling PLC and PLC-based PAC market growth.  The onward march of globalization continues as industries have recognized that automation is key in the global economy.

With global financial stability being restored, the PLC and PLC-based PAC market is expected to grow with robust investments in the manufacturing and infrastructure industries worldwide.  The report also addresses many other dynamics that will drive the market size and growth for the next five-year forecast period.

The need for modernization of the industrial infrastructure, strength in the hydrocarbons sector, rapid growth for energy efficiency applications, and resuming demand in many industries, will drive the overall market growth positive in 2011 and beyond.

Strategic Issues
Automation is increasingly more vital as manufacturers continue to face challenges for competing in the global economy.  While automation remains one of the best investments a manufacturer can make, the market dynamics for suppliers also remains extremely competitive.  This leads to issues for the PLC and PLC-based PAC suppliers to address, such as offering solution platforms that provide comprehensive value to end users, creating advanced system diagnostics via the web, and providing high availability solutions.  To this end the report suggests various strategies for PLC and PLC-based PAC suppliers to increase their value propositions to the market and subsequently grow their business.

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