Thursday 2 June 2011

Strategic partnership for comprehensive substation automation

Process software and engineering services provider PAS has partnered with NovaTech. NovaTech will offer PAS’ automation and operations effectiveness solutions to increase the safety, productivity, and reliability of their client’s facilities.

“Our clients routinely request alarm management, high performing operator interfaces, and comprehensive configuration management solutions to operate their facilities safely and profitably. We recognized PAS’ leadership and expertise in these areas and decided to introduce them into our portfolio. This will strengthen our competitive advantage and give our clients a more comprehensive automation solution,” said NovaTech President, Aubrey “Buz” Zey

“We are very excited to have NovaTech as an alliance partner. Through this partnership, NovaTech will take PAS solutions to industries and clients that we would not typically have exposure to, creating new opportunities for both companies,”
noted PAS President, Chris Lyden.

PAS’ operations effectiveness solutions include alarm management software, control loop performance software, and high performance Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs). PAS’ PlantState Suite™ is a comprehensive alarm management and operations support software suite, providing event analysis, documentation and rationalization, auditing and enforcement, and dynamic alarm management. PAS also designs and implements high performance HMIs that improve situational awareness, enabling console operators to make quick and accurate decisions.

NovaTech will also resell PAS’ automation effectiveness solution, Integrity™ software, which maps the configuration of automation systems, including Distributed Control Systems, Programmable Logic Controllers, Historians, and Safety Instrumented Systems. Integrity software provides comprehensive configuration management and management of change within and among disparate vendor’s automation systems, which facilitates compliance with industry standards such as NERC CIP.

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