Wednesday 8 June 2011

Global standardisation of manufacturing Ops software

Kitron, Scandinavia’s leading Electronics Manufacturing Services provider, has purchased an enterprise license of Aegis’ Manufacturing Operations Software (MOS) to be deployed globally across facilities in Norway, Sweden, Lithuania, Germany, China and USA.

Kitron will use Aegis MOS worldwide for quality management, product/material tracking, paperless work instruction and new product introductions.. Kitron will leverage Aegis’ standards-based data acquisition technology – xLink™ – to gather real-time data from their production/test equipment, and will bridge the entire solution to their existing ERP system using Aegis’ application programming interface (API), xTend™

As a provider of high quality, mission-critical assemblies for the Telecom, Defense, Medical and a variety of other sectors, Kitron demanded a solution that would accelerate NPI, ensure tighter process control, continuously improve quality, and provide a detailed record of the entire manufacturing process, all the way down to the component level. Only Aegis was able to provide this granular level of traceability and rich reporting functionality in a singular system.

“Kitron conducted a thorough multi-vendor evaluation, and we are very pleased that they have selected Aegis based on our system functionality, core technology, and superior return-on-investment”, commented Daniel Walls, Managing Director of Aegis Europe. “They are committed as an organization at all management levels to leverage the full capabilities of our software, and we are excited to have them as a customer. We are proud to be part of their increasingly successful operation.”

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