Friday 10 June 2011

Still using floppies...but?

You have a machine controller with a floppy drive? The machine still functions perfectly but you're not really happy with the floppy technology anymore? 
With the Compact Flash floppy drive (CFF 011), Sigmatek offers an alternative, operating system-independent device. This allows the PC to be easily updated with the latest data storage technology. With this unit, the data from up to 99 floppy diskettes can be stored on a single Compact Flash card. The data and programs from several machines can be saved and/or loaded with a Compact Flash card.
Physically, The Compact Flash floppy drive is not different from a conventional floppy drive. Plug and Play – the exchange is simple and without installation. The CFF 011 supports all current operating systems and can be connected to any IDE controller in a PC.
It was especially designed for industrial applications and is constructed accordingly robust. The CFF 011 can be mounted horizontally as well as vertically and fits into any standard 3.5" floppy slot.

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