Friday 17 June 2011

Wireless data logger!

MadgeTech is pleased to announce the new Therm•A•lert series. These two-way, wireless data loggers are designed specifically for monitoring and recording temperature and humidity. They are ideal for use in laboratories, hospitals, warehouses, and other environmentally critical locations.

The Therm•A•lert system can be used to monitor a single location or expanded to include hundreds of locations by adding additional transmitters. It presents real time temperature and humidity data to a central PC and features user programmable alarms that can be configured to send deviation notifications via text message, screen alarm and/or e-mail.

The system is equipped with wireless two-way communication. Full communication can be performed directly from a central PC, including starting, stopping and downloading. In addition to wirelessly transmitting data, Therm•A•lert also stores up to the last 250 readings to internal memory for backup. This back up data may be retrieved wirelessly at a later time. Customers can setup automatic archiving preferences, ensuring all data is saved and retained to comply with federal regulations.

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