Thursday 23 June 2011

Protecting art and antiquities

LPRS wireless modules used to protect art and museum collections from environmental damage

LPRS has established itself as a major supplier of wireless modules used in environmental monitoring systems manufactured by Meaco Measurement and Control.
They supply Meaco with the very reliable Circuit Design CDP-TX05M-R transmitter and CDP-RX03BS-R receiver modules which are designed-in to a range of wireless linked environmental monitoring systems. These devices monitor temperature and humidity as well as lux and UV and are used in a variety of applications. The main customer base is the heritage sector, including museums, art galleries, castles, libraries and stately homes etc. Meaco installations include Osborne House on the Isle of Wight and Edinburgh Castle.

Environmental monitoring is important in the care of art and museum collections as extremes and fluctuations in light, temperature and humidity can have a serious detrimental effect on the items on display, causing wood to crack, metal to rust and fabrics fade.

Meaco decided on wireless monitoring as, especially in listed buildings, no major installation work has to be carried out and the transmitters can simply be located on a suitable shelf or cabinet. Museums also like wireless monitoring systems as exhibition spaces and cases can be monitored remotely and environmental data is viewable anywhere on a PC.

The LPRS supplied CDP-TX-05M-R and CDP-RX-03BS are low power narrow band FSK transmitter and receiver modules designed for industrial applications operating in the 433-434MHz ISM band. The very compact modules contain most of the components necessary for radio transmission. The RF channel on the 05 range, which consists of CDP-TX05M-R and CDP-RX05M-R is fixed but selectable within 4 pre-programmed channels. Meaco have chosen to use the CDP-RX03BS receiver which is fully compatible when operating at 434.075MHz. The CDP-RX03BS receiver is double-superhetrodyne and equipped with a SAW filter, ensuring high sensitivity and very good selectivity for stable and long range communication.

Samantha Greatbatch, Managing Director of Meaco Measurement and Control, comments; "We continue to use wireless solutions from LPRS as I believe in building working relationships where customers and suppliers have mutual respect and understanding. The RF modules do what we need them to do and I know that LPRS would always do whatever they could to deliver what we need when we need them. They have helped us with suggestions for new products and have provided us with excellent advice on a range of subjects related to wireless technology. They are great people to work with!”

Ms Greatbatch continues; "I am always happy to hear from LPRS, we have an excellent relationship. LPRS have helped with advice and support as well as being a key supplier. I feel that they are approachable and have been very patient explaining product specifications when we have been looking for something new. They are easy to deal with and that helps make my life that bit easier too - I'm always up for an easy life.”

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