Wednesday 22 June 2011

The brain cooler!

Eurolec Instrumentation, with the assistance of Enterprise Ireland in the areas of R&D and intellectual property protection, has recently developed an exciting new instrument, which has been designed to cool the brain at the earliest possible intervention.

In the event of heart attacks, strokes, brain trauma, birth difficulties and some other medical circumstances, the ability to cool the brain results in a significantly improved prognosis. This "Cool Head" device operates off it’s own rechargeable batteries, 12V paramedic vehicle (with adaptor) and mains power. It therefore provides cooling from the earliest opportunity all the way through to intensive care in hospital (patent applied for)

Eurolec also continues to have the support of French 3rd level students on work experience attachments to help with both engineering and sales/marketing projects. The picture shows two of these students, Axel Lorente & Marie Braux, both from the Burgundy(F) with the device and other products in their range.

The company is currently exploring different options to commercialise this exciting new product which has been designed to heat as well as cool and may also be adapted for medical applications to treat soft tissue injuries.
• EUROLEC Instrumentation Ltd invite enquiries/proposals from organisations/companies who have an interest in the future commercialisation of this exciting, versatile new instrument system. 

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