Friday 17 June 2011

Safe switch harvests its energy!

The design engineer may apply the wireless position switch Ex RF 95 from .steute,  totally independent from external power supply.  The user does not have to care about the loading condition of a battery, since there is a miniaturized electrodynamic energy generator in the switch insert of the Ex RF 95, which generates exactly that energy quantity necessary for the transmission of a radio signal.

This innovative technology of "energy harvesting" offers special advantages in potentially explosive atmospheres , because the special safety measures for laying and connecting the cables are omitted and because the radio switch can simply transmit from inside the Ex area. Thus the receiving unit – generally built into the switch cabinet – can be mounted outside the Ex zone.

The Ex RF 95 D can be applied in the potentially explosive atmospheres of gas Ex zones 1 and 2 and dust Ex zones 21 and 22. The wireless position switch Ex RF 95 series has been approved to Atex and IECEx. Different actuators are available so that the switch can be adapted to the individual circumstances.

Although the radio signal has only a small energy quantity, it is extremely insensitive to interferences which are often unavoidable in the rough industrial environment. The encoding of the signals guarantees a clear classification between command device and receiving unit.

It goes without saying that the applied radio technology – which already shows good results in the industrial automation and building services – offers all safety features essential in potentially explosive atmospheres.

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