Monday 18 April 2011

Significent potential savings..

Study confirms significant potential savings through PROFIenergy

A study by the Institute for Automation & Industrial IT, (Koeln University of Applied Sciences, D), confirms potential savings of 50% or more during idle phases as a result of PROFIenergy. Up to now hardly any empirical values and only limited comprehensive data were available on the relationship between energy consumption and operating modes, especially with regard to idle times. Measurements taken as part of the study were intended to provide clarity and actual figures.

Initial analyses and measurements were completed on production lines at the Daimler factory in Sindelfingen and the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles factory in Hannover. The behavior of the overall plant and its components were analysed with respect to load curve, load distribution, and pause durations, among other things. In addition, the influence of operating modes on energy consumption was analyzed, and pauses were analyzed with respect to frequency and duration. In addition to planned pauses and idle times, unplanned pauses were also recorded and their relevance determined. With up to 15 different measuring points, it was possible to record typical load curves in the plant from the main incoming supply to individual consumers and to determine characteristic values.

Specific examples taken from the measured results indicate the energy savings potential realized by using PROFIenergy. In some production areas, the potential savings were in excess of 50%. During the analysis it became clear that unplanned pauses, amounting to about 60%, can also be utilized, because even short pauses of 3 to 5 minutes are relevant for use of PROFIenergy. These pauses represent significant savings potential that can be exploited with clever use of PROFIenergy to signficantly reduce energy consumption.

The first PROFIenergy pilot applications are currently undergoing testing at multiple user sites.

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