Tuesday 12 April 2011

Highly successful event

With emissions monitoring as the central theme, MCERTS 2011, held at the end of March. event proved extremely successful for Quantitech. Sales Director Dominic Duggan reported a high level of participation in the company's workshops on Dioxins sampling and FTIR emissions monitoring, and added, "The launch of the new Horiba PG250 SRM drew a lot of attention and we were delighted that so many of our customers and prospects took time to visit our exhibition stand and workshops."
The first Quantitech workshop on long term continuous Dioxin sampling systems was given by Gilles Campagnola from TCR Tecora. Commenting on the high level of interest, Gilles said he was delighted with the number of attendees because whilst his company has sold many long term sampling systems (DECS) in mainland Europe, none has yet been installed in the UK. "We hope that the interest shown in the Workshop will translate into a need for the improved accuracy that long term Dioxins sampling can deliver," he added.

Quantitech’s second Workshop on FTIR, delivered by Dominic Duggan, was also well attended. “We took the opportunity to highlight applications that are beyond the standard WID and LCPD monitoring systems, such as carbon capture and emissions from anaerobic digestion plants.” Dominic also invited attendees to register for a free one day seminar on FTIR monitoring that Quantitech will run in June.

Copies of the presentation entitled Results from the EN1948-5 validation tests of a Dioxin continuous, long term sampling system will be available by request.

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