Thursday 28 April 2011

Liquid cooling package

New liquid cooling package “LCP Extend” from Rittal

Blade and 1U servers are leading to climate control problems in racks and subsequently changing the requirements of the IT infrastructure. Match cooling capacities to the present and future demand is crucial and Rittal’s new LCP Extend (liquid cooling package) unit is based on an air/water heat exchanger which solves the problem of high heat losses of up to 12 kW per rack.

Without having to modify existing series of enclosures, the innovation can be attached as an independent cooling unit to the rear doors of practically any rack, while the rack is in operation. This means that the system can be easily retrofitted in the event of any problems from thermal issue. Hot air, dissipated towards the rear by the servers, is forced through the air/water heat exchanger by fan units and then expelled.

Maximising long term energy costs is also essential, therefore the LCP extend can be connected to a “free cooling” chiller circuit, providing 24/7, 365 cooling at minimal costs.

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