Monday 18 April 2011

Dry pressure gauge for severe vibration environments

Highly resistant to vibrations even without using a dampening fluid
Baumer’s industrial pressure gauge MEX5 is specially designed for use in corrosive atmospheres and fluids. The gauge with its diameter of 100 mm comes with a special dashpot that makes it highly resistant to vibration, doing away with the necessity of using a dampening liquid. The normal measuring range is -1…0 to 0…1600 bar at gauge working temperatures of -20…70°C, with possible media temperatures as high as 200°C. The MEX5 is mainly intended for process industries such as the chemical, petro-chemical, energy, or gas industries. Thanks to its Lloyd’s Register, ATEX, and GOST approvals, it can also be used for measuring the pressure in tanks on ships.

The MEX5 has a stainless-steel sensing element and fully welded process connection. The gauge boasts an accuracy class of 1 according to European norm EN 837-1 and conforms to Pressure Directive PED 97/23/CE.

The sealed stainless-steel case of the MEX5 can be filled with a dampening fluid. Available options include water-glycerin and silicon. The special dashpot available for the MEX5 series provides an alternative dampening method and can, in certain cases, replace the dampening fluid. The mechanical dampening achieved by the dashpot amounts to  ±1.6% of the measured pressure for the ranges 0…1 bar,  0…1.6 bar, and 0…2.5 bar. For pressures > 2.5 bar, the dashpot achieves a mechanical dampening effect of ±1%.

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