Tuesday 19 April 2011

E-learning thermography!

Fluke has an e-learning programme specifically designed for the use of thermography in building diagnostics. The programme can be purchased online or is free of charge to purchasers of a new Fluke Thermal Imaging Camera designed for building diagnostics. The programme consists of 13 training modules, valued at £300 (ca€345) Fluke TiR and TiS thermal imagers are supplied with a voucher which can be used online to activate the course. The training content has been developed in association with experienced building diagnostic thermographers at Fluke’s training partner, Infrared Building Solutions.

In order to enable customers to make the fastest start into the world of infrared thermal imaging of buildings, Fluke is now offering purchasers of buildings diagnostic cameras an exciting and unique way of learning how to use their new camera for a range of applications. Leak tracing? Energy assessments? Roof surveys? Plumbing and heating diagnostics? All these and more are covered in this new e-learning programme. Purchasers of a Fluke TiS camera or one from the range of TiR cameras from a Fluke authorised distributor will be provided with a voucher which enables them to log immediately into an easy-to-use, on-line training system as soon as they open the camera case. This allows them to start working effectively straight away.

Once logged in, purchasers can benefit from the series of 13 training modules. The different modules will take anywhere from 10 minutes to 1 hour maximum. Each module can be taken whenever and wherever it is convenient, and a key advantage is that users can study at their own pace. In total, if users choose to take all the modules, the programme runs for approximately four and a half hours. All modules are practically focused on how to be safe, effective and efficient in the real world of building diagnostics. In addition to covering a full range of applications such as those mentioned above, subjects ranging from “Marketing Infrared Thermography and Getting a Return on Investment” to “Standards and Regulations” and “Software and Report Writing” are covered, helping the Fluke camera buyer to grow his or her business as well as capture and interpret high quality images.

For those users that want the full hands-on training experience, Fluke is offering a number of one day training courses in thermography for building applications

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