Friday 1 April 2011

Firewire camera for machine vision & robotic applications

Stemmer Imaging now offers one of the world’s smallest Firewire (IEEE1394b) cameras for machine vision and robotic applications. The ultra-compact and lightweight monochrome Sony XCD-MV6 measures just 19 mm (3/4 inch) in depth and weighs only 37 grams, yet produces high quality images. This, combined with its vibration and shock-resistant structure makes the new camera ideal for applications where space is restricted.

The new progressive scan XCD-MV6 features a 1/3”- type global shutter CMOS sensor operating at a frame rate of 60 fps at wide VGA resolution and conforms to the IIDC 1.32 protocol, taking full advantage of IEEE1394 data transmission capabilities with speeds of 800 Mbps or 1.6 Gbps. Partial scanning allows higher frame rates to be achieved on smaller areas of interest (AOI).

The XCD- MV6 has a low power consumption yet offers a rich array of features. Digital signal processing capabilities include functions for correction for pixel defects, fixed pattern noise and shading produced by lenses and light sources, thus ensuring the high image quality required for machine vision use. A temporary image storage function allows up to 100 image frames (independent of bit length) to be stored for later transmission. A memory channel allows storage of up to 15 sets of camera settings such as gain and shutter.

The new camera also features a Broadcast Delivery Function for use in a multiple camera application. This allows the camera settings for all the cameras connected to the same bus to be changed at the same time. For example, the gain or shutter speed can be set to the same value on all the cameras, or exposure started on all the cameras simultaneously using a software trigger.

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