Wednesday 27 April 2011

Precision measurement

Keithley Instruments  has published an informative e‑handbook titled Making Precision Low Current and High Resistance Measurements.This is available to download free on their website!

Topics covered

The e-handbook covers several topics crucial to ensuring low current measurement accuracy:
• Measurement circuit
• Leakage currents and guarding
• Noise and source resistance
• Zero drift
• Generated currents
• Overload protection
• AC interference and damping
• Using a coulombmeter to measure low current
Topics addressed in the e-handbook related to high resistance measurements include:
• Constant-voltage method
• Constant-current method
• Guarding
• Settling time

In addition to these topics, the e-handbook provides two measurement applications examples: avalanche photodiode reverse bias current measurements and voltage coefficient testing of high ohmic value resistors. A useful glossary of low-level measurement terminology and a guide to selecting instruments suitable for low current and high resistance measurements, such as ammeters , electrometers , and ohmmeters , are included. In addition, links are provided to a variety of webinars, white papers, and application notes relevant to each topic area.

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