Friday 29 April 2011

Physical access control!

Though not strictly automation we thought this item would interest you as security not only in the control systems is important but the matter of physical access can also be a source of worry! Knob twiddlers can sometimes create real problems!

The EKS Light from Euchner is a transponder-based access control system consisting of two components: an Electronic-Key with RFID transponder and an Electronic-Key adapter with integral read unit. It was designed particularly for smaller, decentralized applications to permit reliable controlled access to individual machines or to entire installations there as well. The new FSA version of the EKS Light was specially developed to solve the widespread problem involving tampering of safety guards.

It is simple to operate. Every user receives an EKS Electronic-Key with a certain access and authorization profile. This Electronic-Key is required to access an object or machine protected by EKS Light FSA.  The check integrated into the device releases access with a certain access level if the Electronic-Key is valid.

The new FSA version of the EKS Light was specially developed to solve the widespread problem involving tampering of safety guards. For this purpose, it was specifically expanded for safety applications in combination with the mode selection. The user is assigned the access rights via the EKS. He can then select the desired operating mode using an additional facility, such as a selector switch or touch display. Trained personnel are thereby specifically authorized to perform critical setup and maintenance work in a special, hazardous operating mode.

The FSA version features an additional floating switched semiconductor output that can be utilized to form a safe shut-down signal. For this purpose a safe evaluation must be included downstream. This characteristic allows the EKS Light FSA to be used in a safety-relevant manner as per Category 3 according to EN 13849-1. The machine is reset to a safe operating mode by removing the Electronic-Key.

Like all EKS Electronic-Key adapters from EUCHNER, the EKS Light FSA has also been conceived specifically for industrial use. In addition to the high degree of protection (IP67), its other impressive features are its robust, compact design and the option of placing the Electronic-Key on the installation during the work.

The EKS light FSA is available during Summer 2011.

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  1. Access control systems are designed to keep large sites and buildings, with several people accessing, secure. Access control is simply the ability to have control over the access of something, like locking your car or logging into your computer.