Friday 15 April 2011

Faster and easier power quality analysis

Outram Research has launched an enhanced template function in Pronto, their popular analysis and reporting software. The new comprehensive capability provides “two-click graphing”, allowing non-technical users to produce complex graphical analysis of power quality data quickly and easily.

The templates dramatically reduce the time needed to analyse data, without requiring expert knowledge of either power quality or the Pronto software. Users can select the data to be displayed, the colours to be used and can manipulate the as axes, including whether graphs are superimposed or stacked and whether the scales are automatic or fixed.

Templates are managed in a hierarchical directory structure, making selection of the required output intuitive. Furthermore Pronto uses a “traffic light” approach to show which templates can be used with the data set that has been loaded. A green light indicates that all data is present, amber that part of the output can be produced and red indicates that the data set is not compatible with the template. The graphs produced by Pronto can easily be copied into a report produced in other packages, such as Microsoft Word.

Many users can benefit from the new functionality. Some users might have specific requirements – for example monitoring specific harmonics, whilst consultants might want to produce consistent reports, and other engineers need to monitor the same parameters over a long period of time, which requires consistent presentation of the data.

“Pronto offers the most comprehensive graphing features of any power quality analysis package,” said John Outram, Managing Director of Outram Research. “As our products become more powerful and flexible, producing consistent analysis may be challenging for operators who are not power quality specialists. The new templating functionality ensures the user gets exactly the graph he wants with just a couple of clicks, an approach that we plan to introduce for the other output functions offered by our software.”

Pronto offers many advantages over generic packages such as spreadsheets. In addition to providing the new graph templating functionality, it allows easy access to all the data collected by the analyser. This software can also manipulate and graph millions of data points, something that is not possible with standard spreadsheet packages.

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