Thursday 21 April 2011

More than a modem!

Armac launches international website for IQsafeLinkTM
“The success of IQsafeLink™ belongs to the world”, is what Armac thought after the breakthrough of IQsafeLink™ in the Netherlands and Belgium. Launching an international website, was the logical first step.

After invention and development of the first safe and intelligent system for remote control on machine and process control over internet, IQsafeLink quickly won in popularity within the Dutch speaking countries, where Armac Industrial Automation finds her basis. After being elected as Product of the Year 2010 by, an award that boosts innovative products in the field of engineering and industrial automation, the IQsafeLinkTM became a hot item. Advantages, that make the IQsafeLinkTM a unique and essential tool for remotely connecting to machines over internet are (to name a few):
• 24/7 service by specialised engineers from any place where there is internet connection (better service level than your competitor)
• more efficient facilitation of your personnel as they work from any location and less travel expenses of engineers in the (far away) field
• clear and prompt help as lingual barriers and miscommunication are minimalized
• software expert watches remote, so solutions are quicker found, so for the customer there will be less and shorter production stagnation and an increasing capacity

Armac works completely brand independent and IQsafeLinkTM can be used in almost all situations. It works with all PC control systems (incl. MS Windows!) and can use all applications, without installation of these application on the service engineers PC or laptop. There is no extra software necessary! IQsafeLinkTM is simple to implement in any installation and easy to use. And above all … where there is internet … there is connection to a machine anywhere in the world. IQsafeLinkTM is a must have for every professional, service oriented image of your machine constructing company (OEM).

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