Wednesday 13 April 2011

Btu & Steam meters

EngyCal RH33 Btu meter and RS33 steam meter provide high-precision data recording and billing information for custody transfer, steam measurement and energy flow calculations for process and facility applications.
RH33 BTU meter

Endress+Hauser has launched the EngyCal RH33 Btu meter and the EngyCal RS33 steam meter energy managers. Both record energy data for billing purposes in applications such as custody transfer, heating and cooling systems, steam production and steam distribution systems. These meters also fit well in building automation applications such as district heating and cooling networks.

The EngyCal RH33 Btu meter was developed especially for custody transfer applications with liquids such as water, water glycol mixtures or thermal oils. EngyCal RH33 calculates enthalpy (hot & cold), energy (thermal flow), density and mass flow based on the measured flow value and temperature differential. It is also available with custody transfer approval.

Calibrated and electronically paired temperature sensors ensure a high-accuracy temperature differential measurement, especially important in cooling applications. Its patented electronic sensor matching allows an exchange of individual sensors in the field. The cost-intensive use of paired sensors is no longer necessary; therefore, customers will experience a reduction of costs in calibration and maintenance over the complete product lifetime. Temperature sensors will be shipped in a package with the preinstalled calculator on request. This reduces commissioning time and costs at the plant.

Typical applications include custody transfer, and recording and billing the quantities of Btus used in heating and cooling circuits and building automation systems.

The EngyCal RS33 steam calculator can be used for recording and billing steam mass and energy flow for applications with saturated or superheated steam. It calculates the enthalpy and energy (thermal flow) as well as the density and the mass flow based on the measured flow value, temperature and/or pressure. All calculations are carried out according to the EN 1434 and IAPWS-IF 97 standard (International Association for The Properties of Water and Steam).

Typical applications include recording and billing steam energy consumption in food, chemical, pharmaceutical and power industries, as well as in building automation systems.

Both meters can be ordered with MID approval for custody transfer applications. Optional integrated differential pressure flow compensation enables the highest possible precision.

Tracking Data
EngyCal meters have a built-in measurement logbook as well as an event logbook. The measurement memory has defined report formats (day, month, year, billing date), while the event logbook ensures a quick summary of consumption values and makes energy invoicing possible.

By using a defined fault behavior and the separate deficit counter, the meters ensure transparency of the energy calculation and documentation for invoices. In steam applications, for example, the wet steam alarm gives additional security, because condensed steam can hinder an exact energy calculation.

Using Field Data Manager software, the stored measurements, alarms and events—as well as the device configuration—can be securely selected and stored in an SQL database.

All meters are supplied with an industry standard 4-20mA output, and can be ordered with interfaces for Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP or M-bus for easy system integration. M-bus or Meter-Bus is a new European standard for remote reading of heat meters, and it is also usable for other types of consumption meters as well as for various sensors and actuators.

If the meters are connected using one of the available digital interface options, customers can read out measurement data, calculated values and device data (such as serial number, TAG) at any time using the integrated web server. Because the meters have web server capability, this information can be accessed via any web browser, and additional software for the supervision of online data is therefore not necessary.

Easy Field Set-Up
Custody transfer heat counters are normally ordered pre-programmed, and can be supplied as such by Endress+Hauser. EngyCal can be programmed in the field even in custody transfer applications.

EngyCal meters have a multi-line backlit liquid crystal display, and support multiple operating languages. A simple and swift configuration can be carried out on the spot by using push buttons, or by using the USB interface and Endress+Hauser’s FieldCare software. The integrated calibration logbook and the flexible user interface makes set-up of EngyCal devices quick and easy, even for custody transfer applications.

Predefined universal inputs support simple and quick commissioning and are suitable for connection to and powering of all commonly used flow meters, pressure transducers and temperature sensors. The compact housing is suitable for direct field or wall mounting, and DIN-rail mounting simplifies panel mounted installations. This variety of mounting options makes the meters suitable for use in virtually any operating environment.

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