Thursday 7 April 2011

MES improves production

Invensys Operations Management has recently helped Alfa Laval, a world leader in heat transfer, centrifugal separation and fluid handling , to improve production by introducing Wonderware MES 4.0 into its production systems.

For several years, Alfa Laval has been using Invensys Wonderware HMI solution, InTouch®, in its production and has also gradually implemented solutions for measuring the efficiency and downtime in their factories around the world.

In order to ensure a better follow-up of production data with the aim to increase productivity even further, Alfa Laval has now taken the next step and upgraded to MES 4.0 (Manufacturing Execution System) from Invensys Wonderware.

The new solution helps reduce unplanned downtime by identifying and analysing the causes of the outages and enables in a standardised way the comparison of production data in the continuous improvement process supported by the OEE number (OEE = Overall Equipment Effectiveness).

"Our automatically generated reports, which are regularly posted by the system, are a valuable tool for our continuous improvement efforts. To be able to summarise yesterday's production results at the morning meeting the day after is invaluable information to quickly analyse and implement appropriate corrective measures." Greger Malmqvist, project manager at Alfa Laval, says.

In the efforts to increase its competitiveness through a more efficient production, Alfa Laval will continue to globally implement the Wonderware MES solution in its production units in the coming years.

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