Monday 4 April 2011

Flexible choice of programming languages

Extended safety functions in TwinCAT 3: Integrated engineering concept and scalable safety runtime on an IPC

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With the introduction of the new TwinCAT 3 software generation, Beckhoff now offers a pure software safety technology which features additional functions for engineering and runtime. The new concept offers a choice of programming languages and therefore increases the flexibility and application range for safety applications. In addition to the familiar function block diagram language (FBD), safety programming can also be accomplished in the high-level C programming language.

New safety editors are part of the TwinCAT 3 engineering environment, which is fully integrated in Microsoft Visual Studio®. The familiar development tool is consistently used for programming of safety, PLC, motion control or visualization applications. TwinCAT 3 offers all the functionality required for the safety process in a single software offering: configuration, programming, diagnostics and the TwinSAFE Calculator for calculating the safety performance level according to the new European machinery directive.

TwinSAFE: scalable safety solution
TwinSAFE from Beckhoff is a proven safety solution with scalable software and hardware components. In addition to the familiar safety logic terminals for Beckhoff I/O systems (KL6904 for Bus Terminals and EL6900 for  EtherCAT Terminals), the new TwinCAT Safety PLC offers an innovative, pure software solution. The benefits of the terminal solution include simple configuration and enhanced safety features. The TwinCAT Safety PLC software is designed for more complex applications. With a safety PLC running on an Industrial PC, the same high level of performance that is available for the standard controller can now be used for the safety technology as well.

Both safety solutions can be configured and programmed with TwinCAT 3 engineering tools – and not only with the familiar function block diagram language (FBD), but also with the high-level C programming language.

The new European machinery directive requires the specified safety performance level to be verified mathematically. While other solutions require external tools for this purpose, the TwinSAFE Calculator is integrated in the TwinCAT development environment and can access all data that has already been entered. External safety sensors and actuators are maintained in a database. With the new, modern engineering environment, the safety controllers and, of course, the safe input and output components, Beckhoff offers a complete, integrated system for safety technology.

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