Tuesday 5 April 2011

Approval streamlines certification process for measuring system suppliers

Emerson adds Daniel® Ultrasonic & Turbine meters to its range of products with MID Certification
European MID approval streamlines certification process for measuring system suppliers

Emerson Process Management's  Daniel® Gas Ultrasonic meter, Liquid Ultrasonic Meter and Liquid Turbine Meters are now certified as meeting the requirements of the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) 2004/22/EC. The MID is a European directive that covers a range of different measuring instruments. The certificate is valid throughout the whole of Europe.

For the measurement of liquids, the MID certification applies to complete measuring systems. Daniel liquid products have evaluation certificates which simplify the process of obtaining a system approval, so suppliers of these systems that have responsibility for MID compliance of a system can save time at the evaluation and certification stage. In addition, Daniel also has the capabilities and experience to take responsibility for overall MID system certification.

For gas measurement products, MID certification applies to individual products and Emerson can provide Daniel CE marked meters to address any customer concerns about MID compliance.

“By purchasing MID certified products, measuring system suppliers can streamline their certification processes, saving time and money,” said Mark Dutton, Vice President & General Manager, Daniel Measurement and Control, Europe. “These newly certified meters join the existing line up of Emerson’s MID certified components, systems and start-up services.”

Emerson products that already have MID Certification include Micro Motion® Coriolis sensors and transmitters, Rosemount® pressure and temperature transmitters, gas and liquid flow computers and Micro Motion dedicated density meters.

Emerson has considerable experience with all aspects of MID approval and its industry specialists are ready to help customers select the best products for their application and assist in obtaining MID approval for their measurement systems.

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