Thursday 7 April 2011

Nanotechnology measurement techniques!

Keithley Instruments has published an informative poster on nanotechnology measurement tips and techniques. A free copy of the poster, titled "Measurement Techniques for Characterizing Graphene  , Carbon Nanotubes, and Nano-materials and Devices: Low Power, Low Voltage, Low Resistance" is available upon request from Keithley here!

The poster is divided into several topic areas:
• Measurement Technique for Hall Voltage and Resistivity Measurements 

• Technique for Measuring Resistance as a Function of Gate Voltage
• Circuit to Measure Drain Family of Curves on a Carbon Nanotube
• Avoiding Sources of Error When Measuring Low Power Materials and Devices

Keithley instrumentation is helping advance the state of the art in a growing list of nanotechnology applications. Six decades of experience in designing ultra-sensitive measurement tools allow Keithley to provide university, corporate, and government labs around the world with solutions for investigating new material and device properties. Keithley partners with organizations like the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), leading Nanotechnology Centers of Excellence, customers, and other leading nanotechnology measurement tool vendors to create more complete nano test solutions. The insight into emerging needs these working partnerships provide helps Keithley deliver new capabilities faster.

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