Friday 15 April 2011

Global customer value enhancement award

Frost & Sullivan has recognised Yokogawa Electric Corporation with the 2011 Global Customer Value Enhancement Award in Distributed Control Systems for the Chemicals Industry. Yokogawa is the only company receiving the annual award in this category. The award ceremony was held on the 12th April in Florida (US).

Frost & Sullivan  presents the Customer Value Enhancement Award each year to the company that has demonstrated excellence in implementing strategies that proactively create value for its customers with a focus on improving the return on the investment that customers make in its services or products.

Frost & Sullivan selected Yokogawa for this award for the following reasons:
Factor 1:  Expansion of customer base
Yokogawa introduced its first distributed control system (DCS), called CENTUM, in 1975. CENTUM allows Yokogawa to ensure 99.99999% system availability to end-users. The recently released CENTUM VP R4.03 has an integrated batch solution, called CENTUM VP Batch. This addition enables chemical end-users to manage batch processes efficiently. Recent Frost & Sullivan research findings on the world DCS market shows Yokogawa as the leader in the global chemicals market.  

Factor 2:  Implementation of a new and unique product bundling strategy plus the ability to offer a 'one-stop shop' for customers
Chemical and petrochemical manufacturers demand mainstream process improvement along with cost-efficient solutions. Yokogawa has the ability to deliver solutions right from the field device layer to the manufacturing operations management layer. The benefits for the new installation as well as for existing end-users in choosing such a 'one-stop-shop' solution provider are seamless integration, higher system robustness, lower cost of integration, and superior process reliability.

Factor 3:  Launch of a new service protocol to improve the overall customer ownership experience
Yokogawa's comprehensive package of automation service solutions, VigilantPlant Services, can be effectively leveraged by end-users starting with identification of potential opportunities up to the implementation of standards-based solutions. The end-to-end service positions Yokogawa as the DCS solution provider of choice in the chemicals and petrochemicals sectors.

"We are honoured to be selected as the best DCS company in delivering value to customers by the world-leading Frost & Sullivan", said Kenji Hasegawa, General Manager, Marketing Planning Department, Industrial Automation Marketing Headquarters: "VigilantPlant, Yokogawa's IA vision, has the main mission to maximise customer corporate value by continuously increasing the growth potential and productivity of each customer. This award is a prestigious recognition of Yokogawa's accomplishments in the global DCS markets."

Yokogawa will continue to innovatively improve the productivity of its customers' plant operations to create profit, by utilising the latest technologies based on its long track record and supreme reliability.

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