Tuesday 12 May 2015

Stainless steel toggle load links!

The TOG series of stainless steel toggle link load links from LCM Systems, used extensively throughout the oil and gas industries, is one of the most flexible ranges on the market. The load links are particularly suited to permanent installations where wire loads are being measured and have been designed for added flexibility.

The major benefit of these TOG load cells is that they are manufactured with a flexible configuration of end fittings. They can be supplied with fork/eye, eye/eye or fork/fork arrangements that means they are easy to install in a wide range of applications. Accuracy is also improved as the number of additional fittings required in the measurement path is reduced.

All load cells in the range are manufactured in stainless steel (17-4PH) and are environmentally sealed to IP67 (IP68 can also be supplied). This means that they are ideal for use in exposed situations and can withstand immersion in seawater. Load ranges are available from 750kg to 9500kg and the load cells can be supplied with amplified output and an integral connector, if required.

As with all load cells from LCM Systems, as well as the standard range, many special design options are available and the TOG link cells can be supplied either on their own or combined with instrumentation for a complete load monitoring system.

Typical applications include mooring and towing monitoring, anchor line tension, wireline measurement and structural testing.

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