Tuesday 26 May 2015

Prepare for mission critical!

Stadium Power has added the 60 watt AC input G1X2 and DG1X2 48V DC input models to their range of 1+1 redundant 1U industrial single output and ATX / EPS power supplies. These are optimized for secure bulk power applications including digital imaging, communication systems, industrial PCs and telecom or broadcast systems.

The power supplies have a long term track record of product reliability, safety and performance, reducing the risk of equipment failure and are designed to operate at maximum advertised load rating constantly.

Each redundant power supply (RPS) contains two 60W power supply modules that normally share the system load. Even in the rare instance of a module failing; the other will keep the system running at full load. The non-functioning module can be removed and replaced (hot swap) without removing the input voltage, ensuring uninterrupted operation 24/7.

Like other dual redundant hot swappable power supplies in the range; the G1X2 and DG1X2 provide a simple path to upgrading OEM design from a single to dual redundant power conversion. Key Features include a power good signal, over power protection, over voltage protection, short circuit protection with led, buzzer and TTL signal of any fault condition.
The DC outputs of the range can be 12VDC or meet Industrial PC Intel requirements.

Standard features of the Stadium Power G1X2 /DG1X2 series include 90264VAC universal input voltage or 48VDC (39-72VDC range). Models include the G1X2-1060V with Universal AC input and +12Vdc Output, the  G1X2-5060V with Universal AC Input and +3.3VDC, +12DC, -12DC, +5VDC standby (ATX) Output, the DG1X2-1060V with 48Vdc Input and +12Vdc Output, and the DG1X2-5060V with 48Vdc Input and +3.3VDC, +12DC, -12DC, +5VDC standby (ATX) Output.

UL, CUL and TUV safety agency approvals and dimensions are to 190x106x39.5mm.
The G1X2 and DG1X2 are the latest additions to Stadium’s 150W to 3000W range of Industrial Grade Dual Redundant, N+1 and ATX power supplies from EMACS. Other formats in the range include 1U, 2U, 3U mini 1U single, 1U, 2U, 3U, Mini, Micro and N+1 redundant.

The power handling capability of the range is constant true wattage (not peak) and all models within the range have a standard 3 year warranty.
Products can be customised; including tailored output power looms and ruggedisation, single – non redundant models or DC input versions are also available.
Other products available from Stadium Power include; LED power supplies and DALI drivers, commercial and MIL-STD EMC filters, plug-top and open frame medical power supplies for portable and system use, DC-DC converters, AC-DC power supplies from 5W to 10kW, battery chargers and EN54 Fire and Security power supplies.

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