Friday 15 May 2015

High-current test probe.

The new HSP865-C from Peak Test Services is a high-current test probe designed to handle currents of up to 50 A DC.

Originally developed for battery test applications, the versatile design of the new device makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, including high-temperature testing at up to +250°C and use as a holding-down device with a force of up to 530 cN.

A robust probe suitable for use with heavy mechanical loads, this threaded version is designed for applications involving direct mounting without a receptacle. The probe is also suitable for use with standard cable eyes where no soldering process is involved.

The HSP865-C has a nominal travel of 5 mm, maximum travel of 7 mm, preload force of 200 cN, and nominal spring force of 530 cN. Mounting is by screw (M3 thread) or cable lug. It features a beryllium-copper plunger and gold-plated spring and barrel. Typical contact resistance is less than 5 milliohms, and operating temperature range is -40° to +250°C. 

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