Thursday 28 May 2015

New rotating dynamometer handles very high cutting.

The new rotating, cutting force dynamometer (RCD) from Kistler Instruments is designed to accurately measure the high forces acting on a rotating tool during high performance cutting (HPC) operations. Mounted on the machine spindle in place of the normal tool holder, the RCD measures three forces and rotational torque even under very heavy loads at up to 12,000 rpm allowing machining processes to be analysed and optimised for minimum tool wear.

The new, 4 component piezoelectric force sensor minimises the effects of centrifugal forces and powerful system electronics deliver exceptional signal quality. Non-contact signal transmission eliminates wear and ensures a long, maintenance free life.

The new Type 9171A RCD is both lightweight and robust which allows operation at twice the spindle speed of previously available types and precision measuring of forces up to 30 kN and torque up to 1,000 Nm. The high rigidity and natural frequency of the new dynamometer makes it especially suitable for HPC applications where a high volume of material is removed in a very short time. The large measuring range and the compact design make the new RCD well suited for use with spindle interfaces HSK-A100 and Capto C8 often used in HPC operations. A wide range of spindle adapters and tool holders are available, all of which may be interchanged by the user, allowing the Type 9171A RCD to be used on a wide variety of machine tools.

The associated signal conditioner provides system control, power supply and interface to the Kistler DynoWare software or other compatible data acquisition system. The output is available as an analogue ±10 volt signal. The Type 9171A RCD combined with the range of spindle adapters and tool holders, connecting cable and signal conditioner comprise a complete, integrated measuring system for the analysis of high performance cutting operations.

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