Thursday 21 May 2015

PSUs meet medical performance specifications.

The Xsolo power supplies, from Excelsys Technologies, have been designed and tested to meet both the B and BF type requirements per the IEC 60601 standard.  This makes them suitable for applications that need these levels of performance for power supplies used in medical applications. Excelsys’ testing procedures were performed in accordance with requirements for B (body) and BF (body floating) medical end products. The goal of the testing was to help manufacturers optimize their medical designs to achieve the highest performance and safety levels, enabling first-pass success during agency approvals.

B-type applied parts, which are not typically attached to the patient for long periods of time, include LED lighting, medical lasers, medical imaging (e.g., MRI), hospital beds and phototherapy equipment. Type BF applied parts have conductive long-term contact with a patient. These can include incubators, therapy systems patient heating and cooling equipment, ultrasound monitoring, cardiac monitoring, as well as long-term diagnostic equipment and blood pressure monitoring. To demonstrate that its power supplies are suitable for these applications, Excelsys tested both its basic and low-leakage Xsolo models (XS1000-48N-000 and XS1000-48N-004) to the 60601 standard using an AC source providing 264 VAC at 63 Hz to recreate worse-case conditions.  Copies of the test report are available on request.

“Excelsys Technologies developed the XS series of power supplies with medical applications in mind,” said Gary Duffy, Excelsys CEO. “By testing our power supplies to the 60601 B and BF specification, we help manufacturers with the task of certifying the end medical device as an applied part for their intended applications with respect to safety and leakage currents.”

Manufacturers often need to incorporate multiple power supplies into a given system and still meet stringent requirements. To help meet these requirements, Excelsys also offers low-leakage power supply versions, which enable the incorporation of multiple power supplies into various medical-type rated systems, depending on the application.  As a world-class power supply manufacturer

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